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Welcome to, your source for all kinds of helpful gardening information.  We are three garden and landscape professionals with many years of experience.  Whether you’re growing vegetables or dressing up your landscape we will give you the knowledge which will help you save time, money and labor, while having fun along the way!

We’d love to hear from you – comments, questions or subjects you’d like to see tackled.  Stop by often because this is just the beginning – we’ll be adding more information all the time!

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  • Veggie Master

    Hi Carol, we’d be glad to have you use our earthworm article in your society’s newsletter. is about to launch into the subject of landscaping, including flower gardening, shrub and tree care and much more. Something I know will be of interest to your members is an article on long-blooming roses which is in the works now. We look forward to seeing your January newsletter.

  • carol

    I am the editor of the Rose Rambler, newsletter of the Marion County Rose Society in Ocala, FL. I would like to reprint your April ’09 article, Earthworms In The Garden, in my January 2010 issue. I would included a link to your website along with proper credit for the article. Please advise if you will grant permission? I will also forward a copy of the publication upon completion. Thank You!

  • Kate Haslam

    Greatgardeninfo is a great web site.
    We live on a small rural property in Australia and try to grow what we need organically (but not certified) and supply our surplus to a community Food Co-op. I would like to add a link from our sites and to you so that veggie gardeners visiting our site will find you too. Hope that’s ok.

  • Veggie Master

    We’d be very happy to have you link to our site, Kate. Stop by often because we’ll be adding new articles all the time.

  • Veggie Master

    First find out which way your balcony is facing so you can figure out how much sun it gets. This will be a major factor in deciding which plants to grow. Wind may also be a big concern so think tough plants with adequate irrigation and maybe even a wind break of some kind. As to containers, the bigger the better. Of course a full-size tomato plant will need more root room than lettuce, but I wouldn’t try to grow anything in a container less than 8″ deep and tomatoes will need a pot at least 18″ deep. A wonderful resource for your area is Chicagoland Gardening Magazine. Their website has a Q&A section where you can get specific gardening advice. Joining a local online gardening forum is another great way to get info on growing in Chicago. Good luck in your gardening adventures!

  • leigh


    I live in a high rise apartment in Chicago. We have a large balcony and I want to grow a vegetable and herb garden. I grew a vegetable garden for many years in California, but this new climate and high rise apartment are throwing me for a loop.
    Any information you can provide about when I can plant what, what would grow well in the wooden containers we are building, etc would be so appreciated. Also, if you have any opinion on what size containers we should build, I would love to hear that too!

    Thank you in advance!

  • Veggie Master

    Yes, Flori, I’ve grown celery in a container for years. I’ll put up an article soon that will give my secrets for getting a good crop.

  • Flori

    I’m so happy to find a web site that gives solid, practical guides to growing! I’d like to grow celery in a container this year. Do you think it will work?

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