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Why Grow Your Own Vegetables?

As you know, we love gardening. We also love writing and sharing our knowledge of plants and gardening with anyone who will listen, or read. We’ve created a little acronym that we hope we can build on and use as a tool for getting more households, families, kids, schools, teachers, students, whoever, to start gardening and growing their own vegetables.

Great flavor – nothing tastes better than veggies from your own garden.  No, you’re not imagining it.  You’ve chosen the varieties which appeal to you, grown them in fertile soil without harmful chemicals, and harvested them at their ripe best.  How can they not be delicious?

Assist the environment – growing at home means a lot less fuel expended by farm machinery and trucks moving produce thousands of miles to markets

Rest & health – not only are your homegrown veggies better for you than most of the produce you can buy, but your body gets the advantage of bending, stretching and just plain moving in all that fresh air and sunshine.  You may be surprised at how relaxed you feel after an hour in the garden, your cares melt away.  

Dollar savings – who can’t use a few more bucks in their pockets?

Edible varieties – choose from a vast world of vegetable selection including thousands of heirloom varieties.  Growing the same plants as our ancestors grew helps keep the veggie gene pool strong, ensuring our kid’s and grandkid’s future health.

Nutritional excellence – you’ll feel great knowing that the veggies you harvest in their prime are chock full of all sorts of good vitamins and minerals.

…which spells GARDEN!

And don’t forget:
FUN – you may be surprised at how much you enjoy tending your veggie garden. Remember, kids like nothing better than helping out with all the green and growing things. Gardening is a great way to help kids understand some responsibility and discipline and is a great way for families to bond and get outside.